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Health Apps

Do you want help to manage your health and wellbeing better?

There is evidence to suggest that health apps and websites can be beneficial to help you with this. So, if you have a laptop, tablet device or smartphone at home, test this theory!

Below are useful links that you can explore to help you manage your health better, starting today.

Smartphone apps;

Active 10 walking tracker – This app is perfect if you want to get back into a steady exercise routine. The app will encourage you to take a brisk 10 minute walk every day and sets goals for you to complete!

Couch to 5k app – designed for beginner joggers, this app aims to get you off the couch this winter and start a new passion, running! It is a 9 week programme to follow with step by step instructions provided to you on the app.

Easy meals app – this app will help you to improve your diet. The app contains easy, healthy meal ideas which can give you inspiration. You also create shopping lists on the apps based on recipes you have found, making the dreaded food shop a bit easier!

Drink Free days – this app gives you an easy way to track which days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t. You can nominate days where you don’t drink, making you feel healthier, allowing you to lose weight and saving you money! The app will give you practical, daily support to help you stick to not drinking. Thrive: feel stress free – thrive can help you to manage your stress and anxiety. The app has techniques to help you relax before a stressful situation, or these techniques can be adopted as part of your daily routine.

The HANDi App – this is a free app that can offer advice to parents and carers when looking after children with common childhood illnesses.

Erewash Can

Erewash Can Video 


The NHS choices weight loss plan – this is a free 12 week plan which can be downloaded as a guide. The plan aims to help you lose weight at a safe rate, giving you diet, healthy eating and exercise advice.

The NHS calorie checker – this goes hand in hand with NHS choices weight loss plan. You can use this tool to search up the calorie contents of over 150,000 different foods and drinks, helping you to keep your calorie intake to a healthy level.

NHS fitness studio exercise videos – this page gives you 24 instructor lead videos to try at home, the categories are aerobics, strength &resistance and Pilates & resistance. The length of workouts can range from 10-45 minutes and are all designed by experts in fitness.

Self Care Forum – this forum gives advice on how you can self care at home, and self care for healthy living.