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All children will be called for routine vaccinations. If the appointment time is inconvenient, alternative arrangements can be made by asking the receptionist or one of the practice nurses. We feel this is important for the health of your children so please attend to ensure they are fully protected.

Influenza and Pneumonia

Influenza – Flu jabs are given on a yearly basis to protect you from catching influenza in the winter. They are currently recommended for anybody above the age of 65, or if you have a chronic disease such as asthma, chest conditions, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and stroke. Flu jabs are also recommended for any carers, and for patients whose immune system is affected because of certain drugs or diseases. Please book an appointment at one of our flu jab clinics which usually run from October until January.

Pneumonia – People with chronic disease as mentioned above, as well as coeliac disease and patients on chemotherapy, are recommended to have a one-off vaccination for pneumonia. If you have had a splenectomy, the pneumonia vaccination is repeated every 10 years to protect you from pneumonia. If you have not had a pneumonia jab then please ask one of our practice nurses.


Many people travelling abroad on holiday, or on business, require vaccinations to be up to date. The practice nurses are available to advise you on these. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse at least 4 weeks before you are due to travel.

Malaria prophylaxis advice can be sought from our nurses, but such medication is not prescribable on the NHS.

Please note that the practice does not administer Yellow Fever immunisation.